Artist and designer Aoi Kotsuhiroi has already been featured in my pages in the past and i don't think i'll stop doing so. I have to admit that i'm obsessed with her amazing creations, her body objects, as she prefers naming them. Standing out of all mainstream fashion trends, Aoi creates not just objects, but a whole new dimension in what we call contemporary style, using fetish elements with elegance and in the most artistic way. Aoi's new series is called All Sorts of Rains and it's the fourth chapter of her Exotic Regrets collection, including a pair of sky-high wooden sandals and a leather jacket.

This time, i'm very happy to host Aoi's interview and i'm sure you'll be a bit surprised, as this talented woman preferred to answer in a poetic way, just like her poetic way of designing.

Enjoy this unique diy project and don't miss to visit Aoi's updated website for more:

 All your collections have poetic titles. What’s the meaning of All the Sorts of Rains?

All sorts of rains gathered together.
The sky, wet of colors,
revealed the silence before the storm.
The pending time was searching
for a cry to open the horizon.

Which kind of woman do you have in mind when designing?

She was crying a sort of memory,
few silent tears
slipped into the forgetting.
She had seen the wolves,
and wanted to join them.


If you had to design for a famous person, who would you like it to be and why?

She refused to tell her name.
Her face hidden by a sort of mask,
didn't say anything about her.
She preferred.

 Your amazing shoes look a lot like torture ones and obviously fetish-inspired.  What is fetish meaning to you?

Touching the sensitive body in that day,
attached as a caress,
designed by a desire,
when the sweetness that underlines without moving,
this breathing of the rites of the soul.
I know now,
the shadows of abandonment and the deep rain.

Do you think about designing any full clothing collections in the future? 

Dressed for the night,
dancing for the moon,
there were silhouettes who ran in the dark,
each of them worn a reflection of something.
How to know more ...

Tell me about any of your upcoming projects.

A spider web to hold the dreams.
A parasol to watch the shadow sleeping.
A river of dust to see the time disappear.
Watch the night growing.
Walking in silence.

Audio: Evoke/Invoke - I††

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