Barbies Last Sleepover - Lavonnesbarbies

Barbie has been adored more than any other icon or fashion persona in the world, however her alterations are those that really intrigue us. Her perfection, sweetness and  good-girl manners have been frequently changed to bitchyness, kinky behaviour and criminal tendencies. After Mariel Clayton’s serial-killer Barbies, here is another project that will make you even more fascinated about the famous blonde: Altered Barbie Exhibition in San Francisco gathers thousands of Barbie lovers with submissions of some of the best artists specializing in extravagant doll transformations. The 9th annual exhibition was held during November titled In Barbie's Name, What would Barbie do? And Ken too?, with several really interesting artworks dealing with Barbie's impact on our society as an icon and marketing toy.

Danger - Tina Valentine
Mrs Pimento - Colleen Leslie

Oh Cherry - Colleen Leslie

Shattered - Nicole.Nicole
The Barbs - Deborah Colotti

The Four Barbie Horsemen of the Apocalypse - Lavonnesbarbies

Warzone - Nicole.Nicole
With Bated Breath - Nicole.Nicole

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