“As I stared up into the bright blue sky that was near
the end of what felt like a trillion years, I was
visited by a horrible sense of claustrophobia. A
claustrophobia that sets in only when no space is great
enough to contain you. Cause you have all this stuff
inside you that refuses to leave. All those useless
stupid things from the past.”

The introductory monologue of Christan Straub's new film takes us into a bizarre visual journey in the life of a lost, desperate woman who tries to get rid of her painful past. While a mysterious stranger appears, everything looks that may not lead to a happy ending. Christian Straub draws inspiration from the late 60's and early 70's movies, featuring burnt colours, dramatic heroes and the latest amazing collection of German fashion label Ethel Vaughn.


"The Game of Things" by Cristian Straub for Ethel Vaughn from Cristian Straub on Vimeo.


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