Terhi Tolvanen, Zig - zag, 2007, collier © photo : Francis Willemstijn

The new forthcoming exhibition at the Contemporary Space of Les Arts Decoratifs museum is dedicated to avant-garde ceramic jewellery.
Unlike traditional jewellery, the traditional craft of the goldsmith, since the 1970s contemporary jewellery has become a field of experimentation at the frontiers of art, design and the artistic crafts. In this exhibition, eighteen French, Swiss, German, Finnish, Swedish and Taiwanese, artists are proposing a new and personal vision in their work. Although some pieces were conceived in reference to the history of jewellery, they can be made with the most diverse materials, using every possible assemblage process, in function of the techniques, symbols and the culture during a given period.

Conceived by the Fondation Bernardaud 

14 March–19 August 2012

Yasar Aydin, Let me, collier, 2008 © photo : Yasar Aydin

Peter Hoogeboom, Satanic cuff, 1996,
bracelet © photo : Henni van Beek

Tiina Rajakallio, Purity, collier, 2008 © photo : Tiina Rajakallio

From the left: Marie Pendariès, La Dot, 2008, installation, 2008
© photo : Marie Pendariès/Gésine Hackenberg, Kitchen Necklace, collier et plat
© photo : Corriette Schoenaerts/Shu-Lin Wu, Girandole-Mokume # 2, boucle d’oreille, 2010
© photo : Hsiao-Yin Chao

Willemijn de Greef, Spakenburg, collier © photo : Frans Kup

From the left: Christoph Zellweger, Seeds, objets
© photo : Corne Bastiaansen/Andi Gut, bague © photo : Gedusa Arndt
From the left: Peter Hoogeboom, Shaoxing Chrysanthemum, broche,
2008 © photo : Francis Willemstijn/Evert Nijland, Rococo, collier, 2009
© photo : Eddo Hartmann
All images courtesy of Les Arts Decoratifs

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