London Art Fair 2012

The London Art Fair opens its doors today at the Business Design Centre in Islington, with the participation of 100 galleries and 1000 artists. The premier art fair is for once more showcasing the best from modern art in the 20,000 sq ft location fo BDC in two sections:

Twelve Calendar

Berlin Fashion Week is starting today, so i suppose we are all anticipating for the great avant-garde capital city to reveal its new gems for next winter. One of the week's hottest projects is the Twelve Calendar, a collaboration between Derzeit Magazine and photographer Lena Emery, showcasing 12 of the best new models and labels from Berlin.

Born Sleepy by J.W. Anderson

J.W. Anderson's menswear collection for next fall is called Born Sleepy, and has big retro vibe with amazing knits, graphic prints, flared pants made out of tech materials and a bright colour palette. I just love the brand's spooky, ironic campaign, shot by Alex Sainsbury, featuring model Oliver Greenall from Elite London.


Milan's Men Fashion Week is ending today. Have a look at its coolest boys posing for Luca Finotti's camera during the castings.

The Empire of Death

For three years Dr Paul Koudounaris, a specialist in Baroque culture and lector at major universities in Los Angeles, travelled the world to document various religious shrines decorated with human bones, crypts and remains from the sixteenth and seventienth centuries.

 Nobuyoshi Araki is considered as one of Japan's most influential and important artists and photographers. His picture themes mostly involve nude girls under a pornographic view with bondage as a basic characteristic, flowers and beautiful japanese scenery. He has published more than 350 books and his work has been featured in numerous museum collections including the Tate and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Singer Bjork is a huge fan of Araki, who shot her amazing Telegram remix album cover and inner sleeve pages.

 This is perhaps, the world's most glamorous graveyard. The Las Vegas Neon Museum hosts some of the most extravagant decayed neon signs of the Sin City. This beautiful outdoor gallery has been saving signs since 1996, with the famous Aladdin lamp among them. An outstanding location with a mission in preserving the Las Vegas design history.

Artist and accessories designer Aoi Kotsuhiroi is moving ahead with the second chapter of her Exotic Regrets collection.
 The new mini collections with the beautiful names of Colorless Murder and Silent Wolf consist of a seductive pair of feet objects made of urushi lacquered horns, cherry tree wood and leather and one bag made of urushi lacquered buffalo leather, cow leather and horse hair.

For more info about Aoi Kotsuhiroi you can visit her beautiful website here

 An extraordinary fashion film featuring the new accessories collection of designer Lyall Hakaraia, titled "Alchemist" a water performance.


'Alchemist' - Water performance from vogue fabrics on Vimeo.

 Sofia Ajram is an Ontario-based photographer with a really good taste in taking the most sensual, seductive, ethereal and cosmic-themed pictures. She started her carreer as a concert photographer, she has a degree in Graphic Design and her work is mostly inspired by the Occult and Magic Arts.

 For more exciting pictures by Sofia Ajram, you can visit her online portfolio here

 A beautiful video with the most surrealistic concept by, a fashion-project team from Turkey.

The Birth from on Vimeo.

 Nicolas Provost is a visual artist and director from Belgium. His unique style and haunting films that balance between grotesque and fiction have drawn the global attention and have been awarded, exhibited and broadcast worldwide on visual art platforms and film festivals. Below you can have a look at a small sample of his work.


 An amazing exhibition titled Vaudou is currently running at Le Fondation Cartier in Paris, displaying beautiful wooden Voodoo dolls from Africa.

 The exhibition will last by the 25th of September.

 An older, but still so fresh music video by DJ Silencefiction, called Lipstique. Part drag queen make up tutorial and part drag performance, i'm sure it's going to be a great inspiration for all creative friends out there.


Lipstique (featuring Fauxnique) from Kia Simon on Vimeo.

I had the chance to attend a great performance of Saburo Teshigawara a few days ago in Athens and it's still haunting my mind. Below you can have a look at his amazing stereoscopic 3d video with Rihoko Sato.

Red/cyan anaglyphic glasses required!


Stereoscopic 3D scanline visualisation from UNSW iCinema Centre on Vimeo.

Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven are a cool photographic duo from Ukraine under the unusual name Synchrodogs. They usually use inexpensive cameras for their shots, with an unexpectedly great result.

Their images are an interesting blend of chic nudity with a bit of creepiness (my favourite combination), with amazing, experimental styling combinations and in really unusual locations.

I personally think that these two guys will soon be fatured in high fashion magazines.

Do you want to see more exciting work from Synchrodogs? Go now to their picture - heavy site and enjoy some pure art!