London Art Fair 2012

The London Art Fair opens its doors today at the Business Design Centre in Islington, with the participation of 100 galleries and 1000 artists. The premier art fair is for once more showcasing the best from modern art in the 20,000 sq ft location fo BDC in two sections:

Twelve Calendar

Berlin Fashion Week is starting today, so i suppose we are all anticipating for the great avant-garde capital city to reveal its new gems for next winter. One of the week's hottest projects is the Twelve Calendar, a collaboration between Derzeit Magazine and photographer Lena Emery, showcasing 12 of the best new models and labels from Berlin.

Born Sleepy by J.W. Anderson

J.W. Anderson's menswear collection for next fall is called Born Sleepy, and has big retro vibe with amazing knits, graphic prints, flared pants made out of tech materials and a bright colour palette. I just love the brand's spooky, ironic campaign, shot by Alex Sainsbury, featuring model Oliver Greenall from Elite London.


Milan's Men Fashion Week is ending today. Have a look at its coolest boys posing for Luca Finotti's camera during the castings.

The Empire of Death

For three years Dr Paul Koudounaris, a specialist in Baroque culture and lector at major universities in Los Angeles, travelled the world to document various religious shrines decorated with human bones, crypts and remains from the sixteenth and seventienth centuries.

For her S/S 2012 collection, Spanish corsetery designer Maya Hansen decorates her creations with synthetic hair, braids and tons of swarovski crystals, teaming them with matching sky-high heels, metal armour accessories and white burlesque wigs.
The collection is titled Knotted and you can see it in full here

"KNOTTED Spring/Summer Collection 2012" by Maya Hansen from Sergio Ojeda on Vimeo.

Francesco Vezzoli

A Palazzo Gallery in Brescia is currently hosting Make-Up, a new hot exhibition dealing with aesthetic beauty and its transformations. Twelve famous artists give their own interpretation to the meaning of beauty, with 2D and 3D works, experimenting with cosmetic cut-outs and allegorical abstractions on famous or unknown faces, finally resulting to an esoteric purification, beyond the mainstream standards.
The participating artists are: Maurizio Anzeri, John Bock, Dr.Lakra, Lothar Hempel, Jamie Isenstein, Alan Reid, Markus Schinwald, John Stezaker, Sue Tompkins, Ryan Trecartin, Vedovamazzei and Francesco Vezzoli.
Curated by Mariuccia Casadio
The exhibition will last by the 11th March, 2012

                      Both images above by MaurizioAnzeri

Desire (2011), Lothar Hempel

Audrey Hepburn (2011), Vedovamazzei

Francesco Vezzoli
All images courtesy of A Palazzo Gallery

The S/S 2012 collection of fashion designer and visual artist Sylvio Giardina is titled Nuptus and is inspired by clouds and their ever-changing forms. Playing with proportions, volumes and the sphericity of the feamle figure, Giardina gave his garments a fluid, almost liquid form with the use of polyethelene foam and Swarovski-crystal-embellished jersey.
The result is an outstanding game of sculpture and movement.

Miss Aniela is a fine art and commercial photographer from London. Her work has been featured in big media like Vogue Italia, the Guardian, BBC, NY Arts and more, exhibited internationally in Europe and US, while her two books "Self Portrait Photography" & "Creative Portrait Photography" have been massive hits.
Her images mostly feature ethereal figures, often multiple, defeating gravity, mysterious creatures from another dimension. Even her commercial works are pure art, moving beyond ordinary product campaigns, finally becoming classics.

She says about her work:
"I pour my mind into everything I create, and always aim to push the envelope with consistently compelling imagery with the highest production value possible. Photography is always my 'living' whether I am working on personal or commercial work, because it is creating that keeps me feeling alive. I want to stir people to question and to think, intelligibly - about the problems, the beauty, and the conflict between them, in the world around us today."

Miss Aniela is also active with events, workshops and talks, having delivered talks, photo-walks and workshops for Microsoft and Phase One.
She has also self-branded her own workshop-style event, the 'Fashion Shoot Experience' in London, to be extended to NYC in 2012. 

Miss Aniela Promo Reel from Miss Aniela on Vimeo.

Argentinian artist Diego Gravinese is a gifted painter, whose work equilibrates between reality and dream. In a world of Photoshop and absolute digital retouching, he uses oil paints to create the parallel world of our lives, with sexy girls, juicy colours and pop aesthetics. Diego's photorealistic, multi-awarded paintings have been widely exhibited in major cities around the world like NY, Miami, Buenos-Aires and Madrid.
His portfolio is loaded of gems, visit it here

 Kathleen Dustin's accessories remind artistic objects more than fashion pieces. Inspired by nature, biblical portraits or female figures Kathleen's sculptural designs could be the perfect items for all updated wardrobes. Her latest collection features everything natural: from stones and brushes to fruit and vegetables in the form of bags, purses and jewellery with beautiful colours and accurate detailing. See more of her extravagant pieces here

 Gareth Pugh's films are always among the most anticipated each season. For his S/S 2012 collection film, Pugh collaborated for once more with Ruth Hogben, in an even darker project, starring Crystal Renn.

Here is the behind-the-scenes video, enjoy:

Merry Xmas!!

Be Well
Be Strong
Stay Creative

Josh Keyes' illustrations are a trip to our planet's dark future through Apocalyptic images of archetypes and symbols. Inspired by the aesthetics and philosophy of the eighteenth century and scientific textbook illustrations, he places animals into urban or industrial scenery, turning them into mythical creatures, speaking about the hopes, fears and anxiety of our time. Keyes' graphic style is actually a rather eco-surrealistic project, combining reality, future and nightmare into an explosive blend.

You can see more of his exciting work here