London Art Fair 2012

The London Art Fair opens its doors today at the Business Design Centre in Islington, with the participation of 100 galleries and 1000 artists. The premier art fair is for once more showcasing the best from modern art in the 20,000 sq ft location fo BDC in two sections:

Twelve Calendar

Berlin Fashion Week is starting today, so i suppose we are all anticipating for the great avant-garde capital city to reveal its new gems for next winter. One of the week's hottest projects is the Twelve Calendar, a collaboration between Derzeit Magazine and photographer Lena Emery, showcasing 12 of the best new models and labels from Berlin.

Born Sleepy by J.W. Anderson

J.W. Anderson's menswear collection for next fall is called Born Sleepy, and has big retro vibe with amazing knits, graphic prints, flared pants made out of tech materials and a bright colour palette. I just love the brand's spooky, ironic campaign, shot by Alex Sainsbury, featuring model Oliver Greenall from Elite London.


Milan's Men Fashion Week is ending today. Have a look at its coolest boys posing for Luca Finotti's camera during the castings.

The Empire of Death

For three years Dr Paul Koudounaris, a specialist in Baroque culture and lector at major universities in Los Angeles, travelled the world to document various religious shrines decorated with human bones, crypts and remains from the sixteenth and seventienth centuries.

 Consuelo Castiglioni is giving a total new breath in Marni collection for next winter. After constant repeating silhouttes during past seasons, the new Marni looks are based on geometrical patterns,rounded shoulders, dazzling prints, elegant use of fur and wool and feminine hemlines that stop right below the knee.

 Enjoy a short video of the collection below:

All images courtesy of the designer
Video from Fashion Illustrated

 Although things are pretty wild here in Athens, some folks still keep their sense of humour.
Keep these pics for further use.

A fascinating documentation book titled Dressing for Pleasure, featuring rare images from AtomAge, a 70's fetishwear cult magazine.

Dressing for Pleasure from FUEL Publishing on Vimeo.

You can purchase it online here

 Marios' Schwab collection for next Fall-Winter was a total hymn to minimalism in the near future. Pure, clean lines on feminine dresses and simple tops combined with lean pants made of fine leather, wool and silk. The colour palette was impressive with warm hues of chocolate brown, orange, blue and bright touches of ivory. Favourite piece: the brown puffy jacket.

Enjoy the full collection below:

To watch more, visit designer_profile.aspx?DesignerID=211

Catwalk pic from

Nigel Tomm's captivating images are the best medicine for fashion overdose. His work is an unusual mix of fashion & porn magazine scraps and live posing models giving a distorted result of marketing beauty images, making them really down-to-earth.
Nude is a basic element in Nigel's pictures, however inclined, full of rich colours and models with beautiful characteristics, well hidden under the crumpled paper .

If you want to explore more about the dark side of beauty visit now NigelTomm's website and have a look at many more amazing pictures by this cult artist!

Audio: Sindrome del Punk - Punk Suicida

 A short film about Love & Death. Chromium Dumb Belle's new hand-embroidered artistic collection is presented through this amazing antique-feeling video, as fragments of a dream played on a theatre stage.  Chromium Dumb Belle herself describes it as an "Archaeon meets Aurora Godess of Dawn for the first time just before the Sun dies..."
You can see more of her amazing creations on her online portfolio and don't miss to visit regularly her blog for the most inspirational pictures you've ever seen.

 A fairytale-like collection by John Rocha for the upcoming winter was shown last night at the London Fashion Week. Lovely earthy colours like dark brown, beige and orange on oversized coats with slim waist and toned shoulders with lots of Edwardian inspiration, assymetrical dresses and extravagant headpieces.

Enjoy the full collection below:

To watch more, visit

Image from

 Wisely used animal print and funky tattoos...

 Extraordinary hair, great dermal anchors and piercings..

                                                                                                                                                                     Stevie Boi is a shades designer and celebrity stylist and his name has become one of the buzziest lately, due to his fascinating creations and provocative performances.His high-end couture designs are sold widely among the star system circles and have become a fetish for all fashion lovers.  Stevie is only 21 years old, but already has what it takes to succeed. 

 Stevie's geometrical futuristic shades are adorned with crystals, metal spikes, colourful beads or even lace and you can purchase them online in really good prices.

Below you can have a look at two artistic videos of Stevie Boy and don't forget to visit his great website:

Being a street style photographer is the hottest thing right now. Here is a very interesting short film about Yvan Rodic aka Facehunter, one of the best in tracing unique styles.
Directed by Alexander Klein for

Facehunter Takes Manhattan on

 Thakoon Panichgul draws inspiration from the Masai tribal dressing in combination with the structure of the Victorian era and Rococo elements. The result is a multicoloured, sporty collection mixed with lots of classic pieces like tweed jackets and neat pants.
 The line is complimented with puffer bustle vests in bright plaid, blankety African striped dresses, gathered skirts, silk tunics over tribal-print dresses and an amazing collection of accessories like velvet and rhodium-plated gold chokers, tribal "market" bags and shoes in a large variety of colours.

All pictures courtesy of the designer

 The work of French artist Aoi Kotsuhiroi takes a deep dive into the darkest places of human instincts with a fine selection of the strangest body ornaments you may have seen lately.

 All Aoi's collections are a bizarre mix of BDSM, ethnic, occult and Goth style, complimented by rings, gloves, bracelets, shoes and necklaces and are in progress, which means that new, unique pieces are added constantly.

 All the pieces are made by unusual materials like urushi laqcuered horns and wood, leather, gold antique roman beads, porcelain and horse or human hair, handstitched with silk thread.

 Aoi's work has been featured widely in many print and online publications and her accessories are sold in major cities like New York, London, Melbourne and Montreal.
If you want to see more of these beautiful pieces or want more info about Aoi you can visit her website.

Audio: Portable- Live @ Motronic (Sao Paulo)