Kimiko Yoshida is a multi-awarded Japanese artist whose work is mostly based on really astonishing self portraits. Kimiko is based in Paris, after leaving her hometown, as being opposed to sex discrimination against women. Her self portraits are a bizarre mixture of extreme bodypainting and fascinating couture costumes and accessories  giving a result similar to high fashion editorials. Through this procedure she manages to make herself totally dissappear and become not just another female, but a real goddess, a fairytale heroine, the main face of a famous painting or even an exotic bride.

Kimiko's work counts over 330 different self portraits in the last decade and has been featured in the world's highest galleries.

Editor's suggestion: next time you'll be looking for inspiration just visit her awsome site before flipping through the pages of any glossy magazine!  

Kimiko Yoshida, "There Where I Am Not", 2010 from Kimiko Yoshida on Vimeo.

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