Recreating the famous Place Vendome, Karl Lagerfeld presented one of the most spectacular Couture collections in the history of Chanel. On a sparkling asphalt and in nocturnal atmosphere, the models walked wearing tulle masks and boots like seamed stockings, showing the various features of the new allure. Androgynous lines, rounded-shoulder jackets, peplum skirts, backless dresses and blouses and three-piece suits were the basic silhouettes of the collection. The variety of materials was precious: mixed-yarn tweeds, silk crepe, organza, satin, tulle and lace with rich embroidery, adorned with pearls, feathers or jewelled buttons. The colour palette was kept mostly in dark colours as black, anthracite, purple and navy with shocks of white and fuschia pink.

Enjoy a few close-ups of the collection and a beautiful behind-the-scenes short film:

 All pics courtesy of Chanel

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