Berlin-based designer Ricardo Ramos de Leon is a good friend and big supporter of Fashion Installation. I recently posted the promo video of his new collection titled Bahebbak Morocco and now it's time for a look at some images of the beautiful presentation on the 6th of July at the berliner art and antiques auction house Auktionshaus Kaiserhofe, as part of the Berlin Fashion Week.

Fusing Moroccan tradition with contemporary design, Ricardo created a line of modern and edgy pieces based on special handcraft techniques of macrame and ethnic embroidery and focused on a fine material selection like linen, cotton, silk, latex, waxed denim and mixed silk-cotton.

After an exhausting Fashion Week and during our recent contact, Ricardo managed to give me a quick but very interesting interview about his inspirations, his future plans and his thoughts about the future of fashion:

Why did you choose Morocco as a theme?
 Morocco is a unique expression of an odyssey made by diverse traditions related to textiles, costumes and decorative arts from Asia to Northen Africa melting in an explosion of color and mystery!

Tell me three key pieces from the collection that may fit in any wardrobe, no matter style.
The Vestal dress is a must to have because you can wear it in more than 10 different styles! A deconstructed évasé Djellabba Dress for any occasion could be addictive and off course some latex leggings will give the fun touch to any wardrobe.

Describe the Ricardo Ramos de Leon woman
Is feminine, universal, versatile, could be very sensual and loves to feel comfortable!

 What do you think may be the next big trend?
  I think to re-humanize fashion will be the next big trend, it is time to work on it, especially after almost two obssesive decades where experimental fashion has been exploring to the limit the dark side, with repetitive representations of death, trauma, violence, allienation and decay; it is time to consider our universal human status with hope and dignity as one of the current deepest concerns in Western culture!

 What is your next step as a designer? 
I´m now getting very focused on growing and opening new market channels, also working on a bussiness plan because i´m considering to open my boutique here in Berlin.

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