Scream Gallery in London presents Hitler Killed the Duck, a solo exhibition of new works by British legendary artist David Bailey. Shown in public for the first time, the new works are mixed-media images inspired by the artist's childhood, influences, inspiration, fears and desires.
The exhibition is named after Bailey's memories of an old cinema at his neighbourhood when he was little:
“There was a cinema in Upton Park, an Odeon I think, and that’s where I saw Bambi and Mickey Mouse cartoons, and I thought that was the only place you could see them.  Hitler bombed it, so he sort of killed Mickey Mouse, Bambi and all those characters for me.   Because all I did as a kid was draw Walt Disney characters”  he describes.
Hitler and Disney characters are juxtaposed in many of Bailey's paintings, while others feature portraits of great personalities like Andy Warhol, Kate Moss and Jery Hall with highlight the self-portrait of the artist as Velazquez's Pope Innocent X.

The exhibition will last by the 12th of November, 2011

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