Shiatzy Chen drew inspiration from the chinese snuff bottles of the 17th century, famous for their bright colours, floral patterns and calligraphy designs. Mixing Chinese craftsmanship with the Western style, especially its 60’s icons, like Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy, Shiatzy created a really special collection for the contemporary woman with vintage and exotic references. The collection is based on geometric silhouettes and elegant three-quarter suits, girly dresses and hot bodysuits in retro-neon colours, Chinese blue, porcelain white and red of the Qing Dyansty lacquerware. The material selection is as luxurious as the style: transluscent glossy organza, satin and flower-print jacquard embroidered with pearls, corals and swarovski crystals. Excellent, beautiful, chic.

All images courtesy of the designer

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