Thomas Wakeford and Raphael Castelmezzano are the designer duo behind English fashion label Thomas Wakeford. Critics already calle them as mavericks, a rather honorific expression in the fashion world, meaning that their work is really exceptional. Vogue Italia described their S/S 2012 collection as "a chaotic crash of exotic blood and psychedelic cyber travels", probably because it has a lot of different messages to send. The collection is inspired by 90's acid house football culture and Beetlejuice, so bright vivid colours like turqoise, orange and yellow blend gracefully with the bold geometric pieces and structured patterns, while the frayed hemlines of the garments incline a beautiful decay. Black, white and metallics equilibrate the colour palette and the whole collection gets more drama with the addition of the retro-feeling hats, the oversized bags and the chunky heels.
I think it's one of the more inspiring collections of the new season. London rules.

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