For his s/s collection Felipe Oliveira Baptista plays with proportions in a kaleidoscopic game of construction and deconstruction, titled Sky Dive. Inspired by mens wardrobe, military-wear, work-wear and sportswear, he tells the story of how experimental projects can become great, wearable outfits.

Fluid silhouettes, parachute dresses, shorts, versatile jackets and one piece jumpsuits were the main keys of the collection, with multiple zippers and openings that left parts of the body uncovered, all made by flexible materials, double-faced fabrics and transparent opaque knitwear.

The choice for the colour palette was mostly bright with acid pastels, pink, plum and gold, while white was tinted with pale blue, green and grey.

As a shoe lover, i would definitely vote the men's laced studded shoes as a hot buy!

All images courtesy of Felipe Oliveira Baptista

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