There is a new hot band from London that has lately come to my attention and finally become my new obsession. Neurotic Mass Movement create a fresh, passionate and emotional sound that makes them stand out from crowd and quickly climb to the top of the European underground scene. Formed by songwriting partners Yin Neurotic, singer and David Neurotic, guitarist, with the recent presence of bassist Rummy Keshet, the band has already been the talk of the alternative music world with their captivating live performances. During their stay in Berlin and in between live shows and recordings, Neurotic Mass Movement found the time to give me an online interview, making me feel extremely happy to host them in my blog and impatient to meet them in Athens, as well. Read below and find out more about this amazing band:

How would you describe your music style and where is it mostly influenced by? 

We create sound bites for a post- modern generation. We are influenced by Tristan Tzara, Jean Paul Gaultier, Gaspar Noé and Noblesse Oblige.

 How does your writing process work exactly? How is your collaboration?

For our EP “ TYRANNY OF GRAVITY” we used found images to inspire and dictate the mood of the songs and we used the cut up method for the lyrics. The creative drive and force of the band comprises of David and Yin Neurotic. We conceive, visualize and execute all things NEUROTIC MASS MOVEMENT related.

You recently played at the Viertel Fest in Bremen. Tell me about your experience at this big event.

It was a great opportunity for us. We’ve played in front of thousands of people and the crowd was with us every step, move and utterance we made. It was a deeply overwhelming experience. We’ve worked consistantly as a live band to reach this point in our career where we can execute from small intimate club spaces to festivals.


We see  lately all artistic areas and fashion also are very much inspired by  the dark music scene. Do you believe that this is the vindication of the dark scene or is it just a mainstream trend that may last too little?

That’s really interesting, we actually don’t view what we do as dark per se, but we have always been attracted to poets, film makers, artists etc etc who reveal the hidden and explore the cracks and crevices within society. We adore Francis Bacon, Poe, Bataille, Diamanda Galas, Baudelaire etc etc. If the mainstream media picks up on  “dark“ influences, then that’s absolutely fine by us. In the immortal words of Anaïs Nin “We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are”.

What is you opinion about the burst of social media and how do you think this has affected your career and your contact with your fans?

We are futurists and have nothing but positives about the proliferation of social media. We are completely aware of how the internet has changed the music industry and everyday life. We believe in the demystification of “ the artists” and actively encourage open access and free content where possible. It’s great to be able to reach people all around the world and develop relationships with them. The virtual is as real to us as watching TV. 

         What are you working on right now?

At the moment we are working on our EP “TYRANNY OF GRAVITY” which should be released in March 2012. We will have launch parties in London, Berlin, Paris and Brussels. We have recorded the main body of work with Sebastian Lee Philipp of Noblesse Oblige who has been very instrumental and sympathetic to our approach to music and life. We will also work with Benn McGregor from the band Ulterior. In the past we have recorded with Boris Wilsdorf who has worked with  Einstürzende Neubauten amongst many other artists.
   What are your future plans?

Well apart from creating great music and being around for many years to come, we are on a crusade to identify and destroy
mediocrity. Much love to the world. “SPREAD THE NEUROSIS”.

For more info and updates about Neurotic Mass Movement you can visit the following links:!/pages/NEUROTIC-MASS-MOVEMENT/108044730463

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